As Sadaq

“How can we define Honesty and Trust?”  That’s the question I asked as I faced the morning assembly.  I saw perplexed faces as I glanced over the children before me.  They seemed to be still exhausted after a long weekend so I said, “You know my father used to tell us….As a man your word is the most powerful thing you’re going to carry with you.  Growing up I didn’t know the strength behind that statement.  However I believe in Islam I found it.”  One student asked, “How is that Brother Brian?” 

I paused for a second and said, “Good question.  I believe two words point to that answer; As Sadaq and Al Ameen.  These two words encompass the roots of being trust worthy and honesty.  Can anyone tell me what qualities are part of As Sadaq and Al Ameen?”  I saw blank stares and responded, “Ok so it’s good Brother Brian had his morning coffee!  The qualities encompassed in these words are; Courage, Trust, Morality, Truthfulness, Honesty, Upright, and Respectful.  All these qualities are part of being honest and trustworthy.  This is the reason I love the word As Sadaq in Arabic.  To nurture As Sadaq you have to cultivate companionship, strengthen camaraderie with your close friends and family, and more than anything develop trust.”

For us to be honest we must be genuine in our actions.  I’ve always believed that genuine spirit should flow from the heart naturally.  In order for us to be honest we have to possess honest character, and that’s not something that happens overnight.  Honesty and trust are long term attributes and as believers it’s those qualities in ‘As Sadaq’ that should be a part of our nature.  Those who know us very well should be able to speak about us being consistently honest and consistently truthful because being consistent is the key to possessing all the qualities of ‘As Sadaq’.  You have to walk the walk and not just talk. As a man you have to try your hardest to complete the goals and task you set out to do.  Being consistent and caring towards your fellow brother in this ummah builds your report and shows you in the best positive light.

I told the students, “If you are honest during the week and then dishonest on the weekend, is that consistent?”  They immediately responded, “No”.  “People have to know that they can trust you and that you are an honest person every day.  If you are entrusted with something people have to know you will be trustworthy.  If you are given a task, you have to perform it with the best of your ability.  When you give your word, you have to honor it.  You have to autograph your words and your actions with excellence!”  These qualities become a part of us over time and shape our daily actions.  I told the students, “This is why even the smallest good deed performed with a sound heart is blessed by Allah.  Because those small deeds mold our character and shape our hearts into a better believer and a person who truly embodies the qualities of ‘As Sadaq’. 

Brian SmithComment