Pillars of Promise and Commitment

“The word love in the Quran appears in over 90 places. But Allah doesn’t define the word love, but He speaks about the very first consequence of love; commitment.  Islam talks about commitment, if you truly love something or someone, you commit.  If you do not, then your claim of real love is not real at all.”  This statement by Shaykh Yassir Fazaqa speaks volumes about character and commitment.  True character shows itself in the mirror, alone as you gaze at your true self.  The worth of a man is judged by his character, how he values his word and commitment to those he cares about.  There are pillars to this commitment and hopefully this short piece helps us understand how much promise and commitment matters in our lives.  My mother told me, “The true nature of commitment shows in adversity.  Are you willing to put everything on the line for what you believe?  Are you willing to take your promise, your word, everything you believe and live by it?”

  • A man who keeps his promises is committed to honoring his faith through worship and prayer.  He has committed to worshiping his Lord from Fajr to Isha by performing the actions and deeds that will please God, no matter how small the deed is.


  • A true believer takes it upon himself to maintain the ties of kinship with his brothers.  He understands that practicing faith means he has to love his brother and want for him what he desires for himself.


  • A real man is committed to trying to uphold the principles of his faith by building his spiritual character.


  • A real man is real a father, a father who lets God be his guide as he builds a strong marriage and practices love and faith is his household.  He knows marriage is faith and commitment equaling maturity.


  • A good man tries to keep his heart connected to the house of prayer.  He knows to love his faith and his Lord, he has to visit his Lord’s home.  He supports his Lord’s house by taking his children there, teaching them the value of prayer, and by interacting with his fellow brothers there.   He knows the souls there in the masjid feel contentment within its walls.


  • A man of promise is committed to bridging the racial divide by demonstrating compassion and understanding with the community.  He is a multi-cultural bridge builder helping families in his community achieve stability and happiness.


  • Lastly a man of promise is committed to being a positive light in the community he serves.  He strives to be a positive role model through his efforts in the community and at home.  He begins each morning and ends each evening by making a pledge to be a man of character.

In conclusion the word commitment stirs emotions for me because to me it means dedication and action to a purpose or cause.  Things and people will let you down, that’s why the first pillar of commitment is laid and erected with faith in God.  This commitment will be your passion. It will drive you. It will create action because commitment is an action word, such as love is an action word.  It you are committed to something you will give it your all.  When tired you go on, when confronted you do not give up, when afraid you stand.

Brian Smith