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Convert Coaches Overview

This course educates those with the desire to assist with the social and educational development of New Muslims. By the end of this seminar, individuals should have a thorough understanding of the New Muslim Experience and how to enhance it. The Convert Coach Workshop is designed to be taught to interested groups of those, such as Muslim Student Associations and Dawah and Outreach teams. One can become certified in this course to further;

1 ) Successfully pass the Coach Quiz to teach for KnewU
2 ) Teach the Iman Plan platform & curriculum to New or Renewed Muslims
3 ) Teach this seminar for their community  

Become Teacher! Get Certified!

To start the process begin by registering with your name, and contact information below. Afterward, KnewU representative will follow up to pre-qualify you. If you or  your are already begun the certification, or completed it - then  enter the our private coaching site through the "Enter Coach Training" link below.