KnewU is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that is 100% funded by public donations

In order for KnewU to continue to sustain and grow, we need your charity. KnewU needs your time, expertise and funding to continue this work. Every donation helps a new Muslim, so please contribute so we can continue supporting, guiding and empowering Muslims across the nation! Please fund a program or make an annual donation below.

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Fund KnewU’s Growth

KnewU is supported entirely by private donations and the blessings of Allah. Every year we host and organize workshops, lectures, social events and produce literature to help guide the development of New Muslims. Recently we have just launched our online video series. In order to continue this work, we need your donations!

Fund A KnewU Education Program
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Fund Social Education Programs

Coffee With Converts (CWC) is a social program designed to engage New Muslims socially outside of the regular Masjid environment. New and renewed Muslims are invited out monthly to a local Masjid to discuss challenges and issues their face as Muslims. Many Muslims have found their faith renewed or empowered by attending, and this event is free for everyone!

Fund Social Education Programs (CWC)

Support KnewU Books

New Muslims and born Muslims everywhere need quality literature to grow in their faith. KnewU Books is a publishing initiative designed to create and distribute texts by qualified educators and scholars in Islam. Our first release "ImanPlan: Keys to Guidance" helps new and seasoned Muslims better understand how to live the tenets and practices of Islam.

Support KnewU Books
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One-Time Annual Donation depends on annual donations to fund our entire operation and free programs. Donate generously to help sustain, not just for day - but for a year. Your one time annual contribution will help us reach and teach thousands of new Muslims.

One Time Annual Donation ($5k to $15k)

Where will your donations go?

Annual Budget Breakdown

The number you see when you click the chart represents the percentage of budget per program. 90% of donated funding goes into providing our New Muslim services and education programs.

Download Our 990 For Your Financial Records