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The Iman Plan Online Workshop

The Iman Plan series is catered to newly practicing Muslims who want to learn the basics of Islam. It is a short and faith inspiring lecture series dedicated to increasing our Iman through our understanding of Islam. This is a series of eight workshops which cover the five pillars of Islam and the basics of Iman (Creed)  with an interactive approach; keeping the New and Renewed Muslim inspired, and engaged throughout their journey in Islam!


Part One:"The Five Pillars To Jannah"

Upon completing this course one should be able to:

1) Understand the 5 pillars of Islam and certain basic aspects of their creed for guided practice
2) Be able to explain these pillars to friends, family members, and co-workers
3) Advance to next level(s) of study


Part Two:  "The Keys of Guidance"

Covering three keys to our faith:

   1) The conditions of the Testimony of Faith
  2) Purification and Prayer
  3) Sanctioned Sources

Begin your path in growing your faith by taking your first video lessons for only .99 cents!

Iman Plan: Lesson On Sunnah - Part 1
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Iman Plan: Lesson On Sunnah - Part 2
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Iman Plan: Lesson On Sunnah - Part 3
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