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New Muslim Packages!

You may have spent your entire life searching for the peace and serenity of Islam and now comes the question. What books, clothes or accessories do I need to help me practice this way of life? KnewU has the answer! The New Muslim Package by KnewU is a 100% free bag of essentials to help you transition smoothly into this faith.

The package includes the core necessities needed for every Muslim; A short introduction on five pillars and Iman of Islam, a simple easy to read version of the Qur’an, a prayer rug and a kufi (Islamic Headgear for men), and Hijab (traditional headscarf for Muslim women). 

Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have any more new Muslim packages.

Registration will be available once we restock our supply of packages.

(All Qurans Provided by[ Furquan Foundation]1)


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